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If you change i5 to i7 - check your AC Adapter in my case i must swap Asus 90W to 120W (90W= 19V 4,74A to 120W=19V 6,30A) because Intel Core i7-2630Qm has TDP=45W ,i3-2310m has TDP=35W.

GIGABYTE Latest 9 Series Software Utilities Your BIOS H/W Monitor settings page should offer some adjustments to the CPU fan speed, so worth testing (automatic mode is the one I would try as that should adjust the speed dependent on the temp of the CPU opposed to full on all the time mode).

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How to Slow Down CPU Fan Speed - Get Better Computer… If you want an optimal performance from your computer system for a longer time, then check this post on how to slow down CPU fan speed through different methods. Fan speed control - ArchWiki To test if this the case, run i8kmon with verbose mode in a command line, make sure the CPU is idle, then see if the fan is turned off or turned down accordingly. How to increase CPU fan speed with software and BIOS settings…

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Basic Input-Output System (BIOS) is a special program embedded into a motherboard. BIOS initiates all hardware when the computer starts. BIOS on many motherboards also allows you to monitor the hardware status, including CPU temperature. How to check BIOS temperature and fan speed from Ubuntu? | Forum I checked with memtest. I can't understand why the disk is getting hot and the computer is freezing. Anything like that .. with one fan or two .. and just screw it to the HDD using the holes in the HDD casing. how to check pump speed in bios? - CPUs... - Linus Tech Tips is there anyway to check the pump speed in bios as i dont think my cooler is working as my temperature in the bios hits 90 degrees i have a asus basically if the pump is plugged to the cpu fan header it will show the speed as "cpu fan". Main PC:| CPU: Ryzen 5 1400 @ 3.8ghz, MOBO: Asus... How to Change the CPU Fan Speed in BIOS | Computers